If you have already been prescribed with Adipex-P weight loss pills but they are very expensive in your country, ask your doctor for generic versions of Adipex-P available at usual pharmacies.
It is quite possible that in your city, Adipex-P generic drugs are sold under the trade name Phentermine Hydrochloride.


Adipex-P Phentermine as anti-obesity therapy in adults

Adipex-P is the most known anti-obesity drug in the United States. Since the last century, Adipex-P oral tablets and capsules have been manufactured by a pharmaceutical company – Teva. For more than 20 years, Adipex-P is one of the top selling drugs to struggle against obesity at the U.S. pharmacies. Just as any other medications, Adipex-P anti-obesity capsules are sold by prescription only. Adipex-P drug contains the CNS stimulant – Phentermine as active substance. The U.S. is one of the few developed countries, where people have never used capsules and tablets containing Phentermine (e.g. Adipex-P capsules) as an obesity treatment in adolescents. In contrast to the US physicians, Australian doctors administer Phentermine-containing drugs to children from 12 years and older. Therefore, namely Duromine containing Phentermine is the most popular brand name in Australia. There are no Adipex-P slimming pills in Australia.
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Phentermine and Adipex-P diet pills

Generic drugs are called the drugs that have the same dosage form and dosage strength. Phentermine and Adipex drugs have a few differences. This means that Adipex-P is not a generic of Phentermine and vice versa. In spite the fact that Phentermine and Adipex-P contain the identical active substance Phentermine, they are not generic drugs.

The fact is that Adipex drug contains Phentermine Hydrochloride (HCL), but Phentermine drug contains Phentermine as an ion-exchange resin complex. In addition, each Adipex-P diet pill contains just 37.5 mg of active substance Phentermine HCL, but the maximum dose of Phentermine in a Phentermine pill is 40mg.

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Adipex diet pills Important information

Adipex anti-obesity therapy

Though Adipex-P slimming drug exerts a powerful anorexigenic effect, it should be used as an adjunct to a reduced-calorie diet and physical activity. If overweight patient, taking Adipex diet pills, does not adhere to a low-calorie diet and does not enhance his physical activity, the anti-obesity therapy becomes less effective by several times.

Adipex-P single dose

The maximum single dose of Adipex-P is 37.5 mg (a capsule or a tablet). Exceeding the maximum dose may promote overdose symptoms (hypotension or hypertension, cardiac arrhythmias, aggressiveness, nausea, vomiting, irritability).

Adipex-P overdose

A symptomatic treatment is required in Adipex-P overdose. If overdose symptoms appear, wash out the stomach and take absorbent carbon. If Adipex-P overdose causes convulsions, an anticonvulsant Diazepam is prescribed (orally).

Adipex-P duration of using

People regularly taking Adipex-P weight loss pills, are at high risk of drug dependence. To avoid Adipex abuse, do not exceed the duration of using Adipex-P drug, which is three months.

Second dose of Adipex-P

If the maximum single dose of Adipex-P 37.5mg causes severe adverse reactions, the daily dose can be divided into two intakes (in the morning and in the evening). The second dose of Adipex-P 18.75 mg should be taken early in the day, no later than 6:00 pm to avoid sleep problems.

Adipex 18.75mg

Adipex-P stimulates the CNS, so may cause headache and (or) insomnia. Thus, patients with sleep disorders or migraines are advised to start obesity treatment with the minimal daily dose of Adipex-P 18.75mg (half of Adipex 37.5 mg tablet).

Children under 16 years

Children under 16 years old were not involved in clinical and post-marketing trials of Adipex-P. Therefore, children and adolescents should use alternative weight loss drugs or some other anti-obesity agents.

Adipex-P daily dose

Elderly or overweight patients may suffer from liver and (or) kidney dysfunction. Therefore, the adjustment of Adipex-P daily dose may be required in elderly patients.

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  • I love Adipex. I weighed 146lbs last month, I now weigh 127lbs and counting. I want to lose 25 more lbs so I’m sure I’ll be at my goal by summer.
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  • I am now taking Adipex-P. I have lost 15 pounds in a month, a long with a food plan and light exercising, I should be to my goal by summertime.
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